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Fangirl Picks of 2018

Okay so I am aware that this post is long overdue, but um... better late than never aye?

My reading goal for 2018 was 60 books and I read 62 so yay, I feel like a cute little overachiever. Considering, you know, I barely achieve anything else. So now it's time to pick my Top 5 of the year and yes, I am excited! Let's just get to it.

1. Kingdom Of Ash

Aka, my most anticipated book of the year! This book was perfection. Sarah J Maas is a queen. My heart is still writhing in pain and agony. My fragile soul has been stomped all over.

Yup, definitely my favorite book of the year. But for real, this book was the perfect finale and despite my super high expectations, I still loved it and it still surprised me.

2. All The Bright Places

I should have read this book a long, long time ago. Basically has become my favorite YA contemporary novel now. I have a whole post on how this book wrecked my heart, so you can check that out. On a side note, SUPER HYPED for the movie!

3. Eleanor & Park

Again, a book I should have read as soon as it came out. Although I read many romances (or perhaps because I do), I don't normally like them all that much. But this one was definitely special. Something about the 80s and two kids bonding over music and comic books just tugged at my non-existent heartstrings.

4. The Hate You Give

This was such a powerful book and I honestly don't need to tell you how great it is. If you still haven't read it....

But like, for real, do yourself a favor, read the book. Or watch the movie, if you want to be that person.

5. A Thousand Perfect Notes

An unexpectedly beautiful book (also pic credit to, because my copy is with a friend) by debut author/blogger/cake enthusiast Cait ( I really did not expect to love it as much I did. Possibly because of all the pain. Wow, I really do have a thing for painful, stabby books, huh?

And that's all. Let me know what your favorite books were in 2018. Did you read any of mine?

Fangirl's signing off.

Until next time :)